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Senior / Lead Designer

Carpe Diem


Posted: 10 January, 2017

Occupational fields: 
Employment type: 
Full time
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Position details:

We are looking for a vibrant and talented digital designer to lead our creative projects for clients including responsive websites, apps, innovative digital advertising and marketing assets, with a strong understanding of UX/UI.

You will need to be more than ‘just a designer’ and will be given the opportunity to lead the creativity of projects from conception to deliver.

You will be able to work with clients and our internal strategists to help shape client personas and create original designs that drive engagement.  You will also be comfortable at working with developers and articulate the user journey, as well as input on how designs will be converted into real projects.

Understanding client objectives to deliver a strong brand, brand messaging and online user experience what will convert visitors to customers is critical. 

You will have a passion for creating designs that demonstrate real thought and consideration to the user experience.

An understanding of MVP and MMP projects, so that we can quickly create, deliver, evaluate and adapt to change.

Experience of branding and creating brand messages would be an advantage.

You will have an excellent portfolio of digital creative work and be articulate considerations behind design elements.

You must believe in our brand values and to deliver results, which are underpinned by our company mantra ‘It’s all about knowing what makes people click’.  This is a key consideration in all of our designs and projects and be mantra that you will champion.

You will not be cooped up like a chicken, whilst we sweat designs out of you.  We value you as a person, over education and experience - your talent and enthusiasm is more important to us.

You will be encouraged to explore creativity and design, whilst being confident in creating and justifying a design route that will deliver returns for clients!

Benefits & Salary:

competitive salary based upon experience, with pension and benefits.

Minimum 28 days annual leave.

A relaxed, encouraging and open working culture and environment.

About Carpe Diem

Carpe Diem is a full service digital agency based in Warrington, Cheshire.  We specialise in working with companies that are passionate about growing their business online and achieving their goals by creating websites, apps and marketing campaigns that drive engagement and customer conversions. 

By focusing on the customer experience and using intelligent data driven research, we are able to remove complexity from products and services; telling brand stories that are to follow and engaging website visitors and converting them to customers and ideally, promotors of your brand.  This process regularly delivers huge benefits to client of between 200% and 500% increase in website or app performance and engagement.  In some circumstances, this has been as high as several 1000%.

Carpe Diem has a team of marketing strategists, designers, technologist and developers that work with business to develop websites, apps and deliver online marketing campaigns.  We have a passion for delivering results and building long lasting relations with clients.

Carpe Diem is prepared to grow your business and strategically connect with your marketplace.

In the ever-changing world of DIGITAL technology, we will show you how to expand your business by integrating design, marketing and technology to deliver real results.

It’s all about knowing what makes people click!  


  • A creative designer with a thorough understanding of UX/UI.
  • Ability to create wireframes and interactive wireframes when required.
  • Ability to plan a websites content, and/or work with the team to direct and advise on content creation.
  • Understanding of marketing and creative thinking.
  • Thorough understanding of CTA creations and the design websites that consider customer funnels.
  • Able to create brands and brand messaging that will drive engagement.
  • Ability to work under your own direction and deliver projects from concept to delivery in an Agile/Kanban methodology.
  • Understanding of digital trends and a passion to inspire and motivate with original ideas and concepts.
  • You will like to be challenged, and to challenge others, to be the best you can be and deliver results for clients.
  • Experience of photography and/or video would be beneficial.
  • HTML / WordPress / Dev skills would be an advantage but not essential.